COMSATS University Jobs

Select City 17-May-2024

Teaching Faculty:

  • 1 Associate Professor in Civil Engineering
  • 10 Assistant Professors in Civil Engineering and Computer Science
  • 102 Lecturers across various disciplines including Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Media & Communication Studies, Humanities.
  • Engineering Positions:

    • 4 Lab Engineers in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
    • 3 Senior Engineers in Civil Engineering/Works.
    • CU Online - Principal Seat: This could refer to an administrative or leadership position related to the online education department at the principal seat of the university.
    • If you're interested in applying for any of these positions, you should visit the university's official website or their human resources department for information on how to apply. Typically, universities have specific procedures for job applications, including submission of resumes or CVs and possibly other required documents